I’m currently in Frankfurt International airport waiting for my connection to Riyadh and to meet up with a couple of American nurses that will be in my orientation group. Leaving Kelowna and saying goodbye to my parents was hard. Really hard. Petrifying actually. Its amazing what your brain does when you’re overwhelmed…..I actually for a split second thought “you don’t have to go.” And that’s the truth really. I didn’t have to go, but a big part of me wanted to go. Wanted to have the unknown adventures that I’m sure to have over the next year, wanted to go because I know that the future me in a years time will be glad I did, wanted to go because I am a free spirit. But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t take everything in me to get on that plane. Get on that plane as a crying sobbing mess who was going to miss her parents and was momentarily scared of the unknown. That’s the thing about being brave- you have to reach really deep and trust in your own strength. So here I sit as the world moves around me and those feelings of doubt and fear have passed and excitement and jet-lag have started to kick in. In a few hours I’ll be Riyadh bound. More to come….