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Sometimes a sunrise is particularly amazing. Where it looks like an artist’s brush has painted hues of colour on the adjacent clouds. Or, where the sun breaking thru the clouds gives the impression of molten lava bubbling below the clouds surface. Yellow and orange turning into red. With coral hues softening into pale orange and yellow. This one took place 37000ft above the southern tip of India, on route to Sri Lanka. I awoke to see the light coming over the horizon and then watched it for some time completely mesmerized. Awestruck by the beauty of it. Momentarily forgetting my deep rooted fear of flying to concentrate on a single. Beautiful. Sunrise.


  1. daddio

    Great pictures, when flying up to Whitehorse last nite (we arrived at 2355) when we started our descent the whole north west horizon looked like it was on fire. I chose an aisle seat, I think I would have had a very sore neck this morning if I was at a window.
    Your photos are very good.


    • kristinewanders

      Thanks Pops!!!

  2. karthiga


    I witnessed the same while flying to India via SriLanka from Riyadh and felt the exact same thing!

    • kristinewanders

      It’s such a beautiful sight!!

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